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Cycle to Work Scheme

The Green Commute Initiative isn’t a Cycle to Work scheme but it offers the tax breaks available as part of the Government's Green Transport plan.  So  employees save between 32% and 42% on bikes they choose.

No £1,000 limit
We're FCA authorised so unlike a C2W scheme there's no £1,000 limit which means employees can benefit from electric bikes that are perfect for commuting.

No need for employer cash!
We finance the bikes so there’s no impact on employer cash-flow. It’s a no cost employee benefit.

No sting in the tail
There’s no 7% fee to pay at the end of the scheme if employees want to own the bike providing even better value than a C2W scheme.

Quick and simple
It’s extremely easy for an employer to set up and complies with all current FCA and HMRC requirements. We do all the administration. It's equally easy for employees. They can do it all with a smartphone!

Now clear your lungs
E-bikes don't pollute and their riders suffer much less from poor air quality than car users.
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