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Avenir Gloves

Lightweight stretch gloves, ideal for summer rides where full finger protection is needed.
From £14.99

Lusso Giro Rain Jacket Yellow

From £32.99

RSP Waterproof Glove

Fully waterproof cycling glove ideal for the commuter
From £19.99

Visijax Backpack Cover

Stretch-fit for most mid-sized backpacks or rucksacks (15–40 litre capacity).

Visijax Commuter Jacket

LED Commuter Jacket With Turn Signals. At Visijax, we believe in going above and beyond the bare essentials of road safety. That’s why we’re proud to have developed the patented technology that makes our Commuter jacket award winning. We’ve tackled the most dangerous time of a cyclist’s journey head on, with motion activated turn indicators on the arms. When you wear our Commuter jacket, you’ll never feel invisible on the roads again. Simply raise your arm to indicate as you would normally and the built in amber LEDs light up on the front and back of the sleeve. The indicators switch off automatically after you’ve made your turn; the entire process is controlled by your natural body movement. Our Commuter jacket also features 23 high intensity, integrated LEDs in both white and red to alert other road users to your presence. No fuss, no messy cables: just charge it up and get riding!
From £74.99

Visijax Gilet

Designed as a summer alternative to the Visijax jacket range, the Gilet (sleeveless vest) is close-fit and lightweight for enhanced movement. The Gilet is also perfect for jogging, equestrian and other outdoor activities. As with the rest of the Visijax range, a detachable, rechargeable USB battery powers 11 integrated high intensity LEDs – A pair of white, front-facing 3-LED strips and a red 5-LED strip on the back – providing ample illumination, even in daylight, for more than 20 hours at normal usage. At the start of your ride, press the red button on the battery (through the power symbol on the front of the Gilet) to switch the lights on. There are 3 flash settings – slow, fast, constant – plus a fourth, rapidly flashing, mode to warn you of low battery charge. Press again to switch off all of the lights.
From £39.99

Visijax Highlight Jacket

Road safety is vital, but not every cyclist needs the turn-signals embedded in our Commuter jacket. In fact, many non-cyclists love the Highlight – wearing it for outdoor activities including walking the dog! With integrated high intensity lights (a pair of front-facing 3-LED strips and a red 5-LED strip on the tail), the Highlight is our entry-level jacket. The rainproof and breathable fabric with full ventilation means that you’ll get all of the benefit of a fresh, comfortable outdoor experience. To turn the Highlight on, press the red button on the battery (through the power symbol on the front of the jacket). Press again to activate each of 3 flash settings: slow, fast and constant. Press once more to switch all of the lights off. A fourth mode, rapid flicker, indicates ‘low battery warning’.
From £39.99

XLC Over Trousers

Ideal for the commuter, keep dry and protected with the fully waterproof and breathable over trousers. The long zip and Velcro fastner at the lower leg allows easy access and increased ventilation
From £34.99